Personal Information


I am a postdoc at Porelab and the Njord Centre, based at The University of Oslo, Norway. My research evaluates environmental transport processes, including porous media flow, mixing in porous media, fluid-driven sediment transport, and river turbulence. I am educated in multiple disciplines, with PhD training in geomorphology and hydrology, and MSc training in statistical and condensed matter physics. This interdisciplinary background has enabled me to produce unique research that blends ideas from physics and geoscience.

Research Interests

I am currently engaged in studies of two phase flow and mixing in porous media, using a mixture of laboratory experiments, analytical models, and computational simulations. My work leans heavily on statistical physics and computer vision techniques. Since many fluid dynamical processes inherently stochastic, a portion of my work is also devoted to the fundamental study of stochastic processes with applications in environmental science.

Publications and Presentations*

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*See the CV for a detailed list